Angola: Training center graduates over 900 young people

Nine hundred and ninety-five youths received their qualification certificates in technical education Monday in Sumbe. Their certification were in the areas of metalwork, auto and cold mechanics, air conditioning, masonry, sewing, plumbing, decoration and others.

They trained for six months at the Center for Vocational Training and Arts and Crafts Pavilions in Sumbe, Libolo, Quibala, Cela, Amboim and Conda, under the aegis of the provincial service of the National Institute of Employment for Vocational Training (INEFOP ).

On the occasion, the person in charge of INEFOP, Ambriz Quissube, said that we frame this professional training in the domain of “integration of the individual in working life, being able to contemplate several levels and develop in different modalities”.

“For this reason, young people are now qualified and prepared for the labor market or self-employment, given the guidance of the Government of Angola on entrepreneurship initiatives”, he assured.

In a message from the trainees, they highlighted that the content in modules in the courses given, inspires confidence and self-esteem, with a view to entering the job market and employability.

The trainees encouraged INEFOP to continue to train more young people, in the context of fighting hunger and poverty.

The director of the Kwanza Sul provincial office for Integrated Economic Development, Honorato Kondjassili, urged municipal administrations to build professional training centers, taking advantage of funding from the Integrated Plan for Intervention in Municipalities (PIIM).

Furthermore, in his opinion, young people should apply to the Action Plan for the Promotion of Employability (PAPE) with a view to creating their service provision units for self-employment and income generation.

PAPE delivers professional kits

Twenty young people received, on the sidelines of the ceremony for the delivery of certificates and professional kits for metalwork, electricity, carpentry, cooking and pastry, cutting/sewing, hairdressing/barbershop in the framework of PAPE.

The INEFOP official highlighted that these are professional kits delivered to entrepreneurs identified in the municipality of Sumbe, which will cover, in the second phase, the municipalities of Mussende and Ebo, which should already be received in January 2022.

“It is an initiative that is contained in a legal decree that aims to promote employability, making young people who finish professional training create their jobs and have their legal activities with the tax authorities and Social Security”, he said.

PAPE in Cuanza Sul started last June in Amboim and 250 professional kits have already been distributed and another 200 kits are in stock.

The Cuacra Vocational Training Center is a provincial-level center dedicated to training professionals in the areas of general agriculture, masonry, plumbing, carpentry, low voltage electricity, auto mechanics, air conditioning, agricultural mechanization, metalwork and civil construction painter .







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