Angola starts taxing ATM operations


Luanda – The National Bank of Angola (BNA) has given details for taxation at the ATM which starts January 2022.

Purchases between 2,000 kwanzas and 9,000 kwanzas will attract a tax of not more than one per cent of the purchase price. For purchases less than 2,000 with the ATM card, the tax shall not exceed 10 kwanzas.

The instruction of the National Bank of Angola clarifies that the maximum amount of the customer service commission to be charged in TPA withdrawals is set at 1%, with a minimum of Kz 50.00.

In the meantime, the maximum amount of customer service commission to be charged per operation of balance inquiry and cash transactions on paper will be 20.00 kwanzas.

“If the customer sees the balance on the ATM screen, known as a multi-cash machine, he will not pay any amount”, states the document that ANGOP had access to.

According to the update by the National Bank of Angola, despite the new measures, the first five operations of each month are exempt from the service commission.

In the same way, the BNA set an interbank withdrawal fee (different banks) for withdrawals with a CA card, 350.00 kwanzas.

As part of these updates, from January onwards, the maximum daily amount for withdrawals by payment card at Caixa Automático will be 100,000 kwanzas, against the current 60,000 Kz.

The same instruction establishes a maximum daily value for transfers initiated by card, five million Kwanzas.

According to the law, the maximum daily value of purchases in automatic payment terminals (TPA) per card is set at 10 million kwanzas.


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