Nine killed in mosque attack in Nigeria’s Niger State

(Image Source - The Independent, UK)

Nine people were shot dead and many others injured in an attack at a mosque in Niger State. Turkish news agency, Anadolou, reported that the incident took place at Bari, Mashgou area of Niger State Thursday, while the people were praying. It says a statement by the Commissioner of Police for Niger State, Bala Almon Korias, said that the attackers come on motorcycles and opened fire on the worshippers.

The Nigerian Police official confirmed the dispatch of law enforcement personnel to the scene, recalling that another 18 people were killed during a similar attack on 25 October 2020 against a mosque in the district of Maza-Coca, in the same state.

Meanwhile, the deputy spokesman for the Nigerian Ministry of Defense, Bernard Onyoko, announced the same day that the army had neutralized 62 terrorists belonging to Boko Haram, in operations aimed at that terrorist organization, in the last two weeks. Onyoko said the defense forces carried out operations against elements of Boko Haram from 25 November to 9 December, which resulted in the neutralization of 62 members and the arrest of a significant number of wounded terrorists. It also confirmed the surrender of 192 members of that terrorist group, while 28 others were arrested during the same period.

Since 2009, violence in Boko Haram has caused more than 20 deaths and millions of displaced people in Nigeria. Also, from 2015, that terrorist organization launched armed attacks against Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

Boko Haram is a Nigerian terrorist organization created in January 2002 and strictly enforces Islamic law in all states, including the mostly Christian southern ones.

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