Chad to eradicate statelessness by 2024


Chad has issued national identity cards to internally displaced persons in Bagasola. This project is part of the eradication of statelessness in Chad by 2024.

The National Secured Titles Agency (ANATS) distributed National Identity Cards to displaced people in Bagasola (Lake province). The information is provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This project falls under, “Support for nationality and prevention of statelessness for people living in Chad”. More than 5,000 people are targeted for the first phase.

It is: “the result of a profound reform of the civil status registration and documentation system. Including, through ordinance number 002 / PR / 2020 on the organization of civil status in the Republic of Chad. Enroll the target populations in the national population register including all households of displaced persons from the Lake.

The issuance of national identity cards to internally displaced persons in the Lacs province will improve qualitative and quantitative data on populations at risk of statelessness in Chad. More than 400,000 internally displaced persons and around 30,000 Chadian returnees have lived there since the start of the security crisis in 2013. 47% of this population, or 189,270 people, are old enough to obtain a National Identity Card.


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